Many types of businesses use online maps, but as you can imagine, developers use them more than most other businesses. Their increasing importance is testimony to the fact that they are a great resource. When a developer is looking at a site as a potential for a project, they need accurate information in order to not only make a decision but also to be able to submit their planning application to the local authority.

When an application for planning permission is submitted to the local authority planning department, it has to be accurate and provide full details of what is going to be built. Any omissions or errors at this stage will result in the proposal being rejected, not a good start to what could be a huge project costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Developers will work closely with architects to create plans that are in keeping with the area and that will have a positive impact on the landscape. This will give them the best chance of a successful planning application. Accurate large scale online maps play a big role in this process.

There is a new generation of developers out there that are increasingly going to be using such tools and resources. Ordnance Survey provide very accurate maps in a variety of scales so that you can choose the scale that you want to work with. This will enable you to see the topography of the site you plan to develop. It will also help you decide on the sort of building that will be best suited to the area and you can get an idea of the materials you will require to complete the project. You can obtain large scale maps online from a number of companies who are licensed to provide OS maps. It is worth pointing out that OS maps are copyright so you do need to purchase them from a licensed supplier.

Learning the features and the ins and outs of these maps might look difficult, however, they are in fact, quite easy to use, just remember how it’s going to make your life and your job much easier. Think about how it can help you when you are to give a presentation or submit a planning application. Take into account how easy it is now to transfer information between people and even between companies. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the data is protected so that your business has its privacy about future developments but if you are liaising with an architect who is not part of your business, it will be easy to share the information with them.

Large scale online maps have made working on building development projects much more straightforward for a variety of reasons and they are definitely the way forward. A developer can spend many thousands of pounds preparing plans that may or may not be put forward for consideration with the planning office. They do not want to waste their time and money on preparing for a project that has little chance of being approved so that maps are crucial for the early stages.