Home improvement tips for seniors

Home Remodeling Tips

how to renovate your houseSeniors need smooth transition to a comfortable environment which will not elevate health concerns. Once you think of remodeling their living space just remember design and style should be a priority, nobody wants to spend the rest of their lives in a dull place. Here are some things you need to consider and make the elderly comfortable.

First, consider what is functional and important. With the help of the senior/s choose their favorite belongings then go ahead choose what is a must keep, avoid clutter.

Second, consider the layout and size of the living space. If a seat they love does not fit together with a living room improvise and get firmer cushions that will be easier for the senior to use and get up from. Recreate the home without buying new furniture; avoid creating the feeling that this is a new place. Place furniture strategically where it can be used for support but avoid cluttering the walkway with furniture.

Third, creativity with storage space is going to save you some free space. For example in the table room consider using an ottoman which will act as a storage tool and at the same time be used as a coffee table at the same time.

Fourth, get rid of all unnecessary obstacles from walkways. A walkway should fit a walker, a wheel chair or a cane. All unsecured rugs electrical cords and others are main contributors to tripping.

Fifth, ensure accessibility is improved. Think of the senior’s daily routine and make everything available at the required time and at the required place. When a loved one wakes up if they start by drinking a glass of water then provide the water and a glass. Keep their phones by bedside or by sitting areas. The items they use and need frequently should be in drawers which are easily accessible.

Six, choose colors wisely and optimize space for visibility. As we grow older eyesight changes and the faint colors become less visible especially in a poorly lit room. Consider using healing colors which are used as biophilia or biomimicry method. These colors are yellows, green and some blues which are known for their imitation of the natural environment. Ensure adequate lighting in the whole house including pathways.

Seven, the bathroom should be handicap-accessible. An elderly person should be able to seat comfortably take a shower and groom themselves.

Eight, the furniture should be free of any injuries. Glass furniture should be done away with, so should all furniture that has sharp corners. If it is not possible to eliminate the sharp cornered furniture, rounded plastic corners are available and easy to install. Choose the ones with colors which will blend well with the furniture and the interior design.

Nine, the kitchen should be well stocked with healthy foods. This will ensure that they can have good nutritional and healthy diets throughout the day thus improving their health. Under cabinets should be well lit for a senior to easily pick out foods when preparing meals in the evening.  For more information stop by.

Walk In Bathtubs For Seniors

Walk In Tubs For Seniors Safety Features

safe bathtubs for the elderlyWith so many senior bathtub models available today, it is easy to get confused when shopping for the ideal tub. The best walk in bathtubs for seniors are designed to make bathing safe, convenient and comfortable for end users. When shopping for the ideal bathtub for a senior or a disabled person, it is important to consider whether the product at hand has the required safety features.

The first thing you should probably look into is the design of the door access point. The door should be easily accessible, either built at the side or the front of the tub, and if it can swing either inward or outward. Remember that inward opening tubs can be inconvenient when there is an emergency because it’s not easy for the user to get out of the tub quickly. The door should have easy to use controls and a seal that prevents water drainage.

The walk in bathtubs for seniors should also have built in safety bars to make it easy and safe to enter and exit the tub. Some elderly or disables persons may find it hard to rise up from the tub using the grab bars as it requires some upper body strength to do this. In this case, you should consider a bathtub that comes with an inbuilt seat.

Walk in bathtubs for seniors should also have anti slip floors to enhance safety. The seat of the bathtub should have an anti-slip design feature if you want your elderly loved one to regain their independence when bathing. The bathtub should also have a small step that leads to the door which further enhances functionality and safety.

Another important feature to look out for is the location of the controls in the tub. Remember that the end users are not in a position to move freely inside the tub so make sure the controls are located strategically, within an accessible distance so that one does not have to put in much effort trying to use them.

There are many other features that walk in tubs for seniors may have. Some even come with rotating jets which are meant to help users alleviate muscle pain. Others have a cleaning system that ensures the tub remains clean and germ free after use. Make sure the walk in bathtub you select has the standard features and some additional ones to make bathing a relaxing and safe experience for your loved one.